Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 Months

Well Blair is now 4 3/4 months, but I started taking these pictures when she was 4 months. Enjoy!

Enjoying the last days of summer

Sunscreen hair!

She loves her feet these days! She can't get enough of them, even when she is sleeping.
We went to California for a few weeks for Blair's blessing. While we were there, we went to The OC fair. I LOVE fairs. I love the food, the noise, the crowds, the smells, the rides, and basically everything else. Chance hates fairs, probably for all the same reasons.

Emily and I got our faces painted

We went to a concert at the fair,

Blair was not so sure about the Llamas

Jeremy got a black eye during football practice

The main reason we went to California was to bless Blair in my home ward. Many of my family members came out for it, as well as my in-laws, Greg and Annette.

We were bummed that not everyone could make it, and that the Laguna Hansons were unable to be there! They had been planning a trip to Hawaii for that same week that we had no idea about!

My grandparents gave this blessing dress to Blair. It is beautiful! I love the bonnet.

We went to an Angels' game. I love love this picture!

Her first time in the Bumbo, she isn't so sure about it yet

This was while packing for California. She is watching Sesame Street. Bad parenting? Maybe.

This is a teething toy, but she uses it as a binky.

These days I usually just take her in the bath with me, we love it!

We are loving life! I am back in school (boo) and Chance is working hard. I keep telling myself that it is only 2 semesters until I get to stay at home all day with our little lovebug!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Years and Counting

Happy late anniversary to this guy
While we were in California, we celebrated our two year anniversary! I use the word "celebrate" loosely, because we really didn't do anything. Now that we are back in Utah, we will actually go out and do something. I have to plan it this year, so who knows when it will happen!

I can't believe it has been two years already! Time has flown by so quickly! It seems like only a few days ago that we were here

These past two years have been the best of my life. I feel so lucky to be married to a man who is wonderful in so many ways. He is smart, loving, kind, attentive, hard-working, exciting, funny, an amazing father, a wonderful husband, handsome, charismatic, spiritual, and so many other things.

Over the past few months I have developed a new appreciation for Chance's work ethic. He goes to work basically every day for 10 hours, and comes home happy and still has energy to play with Blair, and help me around the house. He works so hard to provide for us. He is truly amazing.

Chance is so attentive to my needs and makes sure I could have every thing I could ever want. He is so loyal, and I never have to worry that he might be saying things about me behind my back, as some husbands do (you know, to be funny).

I feel so grateful to be sealed to this man for eternity! I am a lucky girl! It also helps that he gave me this girl

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The last three months

Wow. These past three months have gone by so. fast. Way too fast. I told Chance I want to have another baby, because Blair is growing up so fast. Totally kidding though.

Some quick 3 and 1/2 month updates:

Blair started smiling around 6 weeks, and now she is a very happy smiley girl!!

She has reflux, so she has to take medicine morning and night. I think it is getting better though, and I am going to start weaning her off the meds.

She just started giggling the other day (7/24) and it is hard to get a giggle out of her, but so worth it!

She sleeps anywhere from 8-11 hours a night (!!!) I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I am a girl who needs her sleep. I'm sure with the next kid I won't be so lucky.

At her two month appointment, she was in the 35% for weight, and 75% for height.

She loves her play gym, and smiles and talks to the octopus that is on it.

Loves to talk. To everyone and everything.

She HATES tummy time. With a passion. She screams and spits up the second I put her on her stomach.

She loves her binkies.

She is just the happiest thing! We love her to death

Some pictures in no particular order.

Not feeling so hot after getting her shots. Poor girl :(
Father's Day! Check out the difference from Mother's Day till now.
Fourth of July!

Kirra loves Blair! She calls her Baby Bear :) I love it!

We used to have to sit in the bathroom under the fan with her to calm her down
Her first bath. She was not a happy camper at first. Now she loves baths
Her and Spike are getting along well

She has totally plumped out! Look at the difference between this pic and the first bath!
I love being a mom. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Life right now is perfect!!